Dining Restaurants in the Morehead City NC Area

As a community ingrained in the nautical way of life, Morehead City has several seafood restaurants, showcasing fresh catches.  Many can me found lining the downtown waterfront perhaps the most locally-trusted being The Sanitary fish Market and Restaurant.  In operation since 1938, The Sanitary offers an extensive array of seafood dishes both friend and broiled, and their famous Tar Heel Hushpuppies have been the talk of the town for nearly a century.
For the opposite of tradition, however, look no further than next door.  There you’ll find The Ruddy Duck Tavern, a chic and bustling establishment new to the area, but already making its mark as a culinary staple.  In addition to the gamut of local seafood, their menu champions a dozen dazzling burger selections with nearly every topping imaginable, from oysters to nacho cheese.
El’s Drive-In, a couple miles up the road from the waterfront, presents patrons with a unique dining experience – an old-fashioned drive-in restaurant where orders are delivered right to the customers’ car windows.  A great destination for a sunny day with a gentle sea breeze, El’s is home to the famous Super Burger, succulent shrimp burgers, and scores of made-to-order sandwiches and dinner plates.