Natural Attractions in the Morehead City NC Area

With several bodies of water mapping its borders, Morehead City exists as a mainland outlet to the Atlantic and surrounding Outer Banks.  To the south, there is Bogue Inlet and the Infra-Coastal Waterway – a tranquil passage between mainland North Carolina and the Southern Outer Banks.  Beyond the barrier islands (though not a mile away from Morehead City itself) awaits the unmistakable beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.  Calico Creek carves its way through the northern area of the city, creating a marshy haven for nautical life, such as egrets and oysters.  It winds its way eastward where it meets the Newport River, forming Morehead City’s eastern border with Beaufort.  These waterways are trafficked with vessels ranging from small sails to great ships.

The terrain of Morehead City is predominantly flat, marked by gorgeous oak and pine trees indicative of North Carolina’s verdant topography.  The skies are accentuated with flocks of pelicans and seagulls, as well as the vivid reds of cardinals in the spring and summer.  Their calls compliment the warm beach breezes and add an unmistakable peace to the air.