Shopping in the Morehead City NC North Carolina Area

Parson’s General Store, located on Arendell Street in downtown Morehead City, has been at the forefront of local commerce for many decades.  They offer a wide arrange of coastal knick-knacks and gifts, candies and treats, all within the general demeanor of a quaint mom-and-pop shop.  Perhaps greatest among their commodities is their extensive selection of locally-canned jams, sauces, and spices, all which present the prized flavors and tradition of the area.  They’re storefront is impossible to miss – look for the wooden windmills lining their front porch! 
For furniture and home accessories that embody the local style, why not visit Shore Décor?  Their showroom features both interior and exterior sets that champion what it means to be a product of the coastal way of life.  Gorgeous living room sets, kitchen tables, and bedroom displays await the shopper in white wicker and rattan, unmistakably epitomizing the aesthetic of the community.  Also available are home accessories and artwork depicting aquatic life (many of the pieces crafted in the area).  Located in Cypress Bay Plaza, visit today and discover the true feeling of beach living! 
Among the oldest stores in Morehead City, Dee Gee’s Bookstore has been serving the area for nearly eighty years.  Specializing in literature that highlights the surrounding area, their library maintains a staple selection of works that are emblematic of life in Eastern North Carolina.  Dee Gee’s also offers a wide arrangement of popular literature from around the world, and their upstairs loft houses a large children’s section, full of puzzles, toys, and activity books.